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Liquid Metal in the Desert (Part 2- Watch Video Here!)

Posted on July 17 2017

Drumroll..............! Here is SV Presents: The Body Dictionary, courtesy of our friends at Safety Third Productions Directed by @khfdance and @classicshimmy with @safetythirdproductions in collaboration with @psartmuseum, @standardvision, @nytelyte, @34n_118w and composer @wbrittelle.


#thebodydictionary #safetythirdproductions #katherinehelenfisher #shimmyboyle #johntorres #lightingdesign #palmsprings #albertfreyhouseii #midcentury #standardvision #svpresents . Endless thank yous to @standardvision , @casualtimetravel, @nahte_coco, @markescribano our DP @nytelyte , Jodie Dolan & @johnrenaud @dollypartonmyfrench & @34n_118w, @hottglam, @laeyeworks, @thepalatines Arlene Amick & The Palm Springs Art Museum @psartmuseum , Composer @wbrittelle , and our amazing dancers Tiara Jackson @tiarajack , Samantha Mohr @samantham0nica , Catie Cuan @itscatie , and Katherine Cowgill @katherineannerose as well as @safetythirdproductions #angel @milaundry and #albertfreyhouseii


Producer Sinziana Velicescu and Mark Escrabano for Standard Vision

Directors Shimmy Boyle and Katherine Fisher for Safety Third Productions

Dir. of Photography John Torres


Katherine Cowgill

Catie Cuan

Tiara Jackson

Samantha Mohr

Composer William Brittelle

Clothing 34°N 118°W

Stylist Timothy Baxter

Costume Director Jodie Dolan with John Renaud

Featured brands

l.a. Eyeworks

The Palantines



Camera Ops Mark Escribano, Shimmy Boyle, Coco Ethan

Post production Coco Ethan with Safety Third Productions and Standard Vision

Production Assistants Milan DelVecchio, Angel Mata

MUA Paige Campbell

Special thanks to Elizabeth Armstrong and Arlene Amik of The Palm Springs Art Museum.


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