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Posted on January 19 2016


We have arrived!  Welcome to the official 34°N 118°W online journal!  We want to tell you more about our little brand: the story of the brand, how/why we do this, the inspiration behind each collection, and other fun & sometimes magical things.

SOOOOO, let’s begin!

I’m Kate.  I’m basically the head of the 34°N 118°W fan club.  I’m pretty unimportant to this story other than the fact that I’m the one telling it.

The brand was started by my friend Jodie.  She has had several successful brands/ventures in the apparel industry and felt the need share something more personal to her.  She had recently moved to the DTLA Arts District and was incredibly inspired by the energy:  Lots of creative folks making cool things happen.

So it started the wheels turning.

Having lived in the LA area for her entire life, this was a different space with a different feeling.  It still had the casual attitude of life in Los Angeles, but with a distinctly “city” feeling to it.  So, 34°N 118°W was born.

Named for the coordinates to Los Angeles, 34°N 118°W (“thirty-four north, one-eighteen west”) is kind of a mouthful so we affectionately refer to the brand just as 34N (“thirty-four north”).

One of the big goals of this brand is to share a sense of community and responsibility to make our home a better place.  And by home I mean Los Angeles, California, United States, and the Planet Earth.   Home is also the space in which we live, which is much more than a geographical location (if you want to get meta about it).  We believe in being honest and making beautiful things with care.  We are not in this for anything other than the love of what we do and the chance to tell a story & make a connection.  We will never inflate our prices just because we can and we are always looking for ways to do better.  We are thrilled with every single sale because it means we have inspired a tiny bit of excitement in someone!

If you’ve made it this far, you either: love the brand, are related to one of us, or your browser is frozen on this page and you had no choice but to read this far.  In any case, CHEERS and thanks for joining us on our maiden voyage.



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